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Get the Education, Coaching and Accountability You Need to Reverse T2 Diabetes, Improve T1 Diabetes, and Lose Weight, Lower Your Blood Pressure


Adina Verrett, PT




Webinar + Telehealth PT

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What You'll Experience


There are different tiers to participate in this program. Everyone will have the 8 weeks of teaching with guides, but depending on the package, your offer may include:


An 8 week Webinar series teaching you the secrets to reversing chronic lifestyle diseases like diabetes Type 2 and high blood pressure while losing weight.


Accountability and support with group coaching. Studies show that these are key to meeting your goals faster and more successfully .


A Facebook community so you can meet like-minded individuals on the quest to take charge of their health.


Guided exercise sessions each by a physical therapist, using a virtual platform so you can successfully implement the number 1 way to reverse disease and lose weight.


Adina Verrett, PT

Several years ago, Adina a physical therapist for the last 27 years, saw a pattern emerge in young and old, finding that many disease processes were connected to lifestyle choices made early in life with subsequent habits that led to a deterioration of health and a miserable existence. Training to become a health educator led to lecturing in her local community or sharing short talks in her faith community, but as she has continued to learn from leading lifestyle medicine physicians and naturopathic doctors, she knew more was needed. As a PT she could effect greater change. Now technology and PT will be joined together so that she can offer direct education and training to clients to help them take charge of their health, thus RESTORED Therapy and Wellness.

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